A special welcome to Steph’s Wild Ride grants division. We are based in Hampshire county Massachusetts, and we look forward to helping local children diagnosed with cancer apply for grant money.

The SWR foundation is committed to raising funds and disseminating these monies as a means to fund a special project. A special project takes on various meanings depending on who is applying for a grant. For example, an individual diagnosed with cancer may apply for grant monies to purchase a laptop and internet service to become connected with other people with cancer.

Unfortunately, limited economic resources can become a barrier  for the individual receiving cancer treatment. We are here to help you.

Please fill out a simple grant application form that asks you to write a concise paragraph describing your need for funding then please estimate the amount of monies that you are seeking. Grants will be awarded throughout the year as long as funding is available.

You can choose to download the application as a pdf or Word Doc, or complete the application online.

Apply Online
Download Individual Grant Application (pdf)
Download Individual Grant Application (Word doc)

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